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  Simple Search

Type of material – you can search by any type of material existing in the system from books to toys.
Search by – You can search by Title name, series, Barcode, keywords and more…
Type word or phrase – You can perform a free search on any word by typing at least 3 letters in the free text window.
The search results include all the pronunciation of the word you type.

Advanced Search

In the advanced search it is possible to search by any of the search options of the simple search
and also to refine the search results by using Boolean search or by limiting the search to specific
genre or classification.

Previous Searches

The last search results are saved and the user can reuse them.

My list – Saving search results

After the catalog search you can save the wanted results in "My list"

A. "Select all" – All the items in the search result will be selected – then you click "Add to My list"

B. Select each item separately and then click on "Add to my list"

If the search result contains more than one page you should select items from each page separately.

Print or send your search result to your personal e-mail

In "My list" you need to select the items you want to print or to send to your personal e-mail.


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