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About IP-DOT Ltd.

IP-DOT Ltd., formerly AAI Ltd. is among Israel's experienced companies (founded in August 1995), which has been developing computerized systems and management applications for decision makers in companies and organizations. Those applications work in an advanced environment (intranet and Internet). The type of platforms are organizational portals, content and image sites, information management systems, platform for libraries management, software for psychological department management, e-commerce arenas, electronic shopping malls, shops, forums, surveys, e-Learning and tailor made applications

The company has developed a variety of products for advanced administrative computing systems targeted to medium businesses and organizations. Those products can also complement ERP systems that are used in large companies around the world.

The company was founded by Shoshi & Iphtach Cohen in August 1995 and was registered as a limited company in September 1996.

Company's goals and areas of activities
The Company specializes in developing advanced computing tools, flexible, effective and innovative methodologies that help to characterize and organize the organizational needs in order to construct and implement management systems that run on the Internet or Intra - Net. In addition to that, computing tools developed by the company, are used to collect useful information, corporate information management, monitoring and control decision-making processes in organizations, e-commerce, etc..

The Company's "shelf products" are in the following areas:
  1. A Business Process Management System (BPM) for managing projects, summaries of meetings
  2. and follow-up decision-making tasks derived from them (joint development with ECI Telecom).
  3. A platform for construction and management of advanced organizational portals and content management systems (CMS).
  4. A platform for the management and control of operation activities of purchasing managers and suppliers (warehouses, offices, libraries, etc..).
  5. Content management of systems and activities in organizations, academic institutes and businesses.
  6. An Operational + CRM System, to manage all the activities of customers, doctors, customer services and sales activities that are conducted in networks of medical centers and clinics (Telemarketing, handling of archived files, quotes, declarations, payments, effective publications, telemarketing, etc..).
  7. Psychological services management system (public, private and institutional) in all areas of activities as well as archiving files of patients of the psychological service.
  8. Software for management of libraries, archives and catalogs. (for Academic institutions, municipalities, schools and businesses).
  9. B2C sites - stores and shopping malls.
  10. Professional forums.
  11. E-Learning
  12. A mechanized mailing system for sending messages to groups of liens, suppliers, customers
  13. and / or groups of knowledge and specialization.
  14. Management of advertising campaigns
  15. Survey management.
  16. Event management systems for organizations.

Among our customers are large companies based in the Israeli market and abroad:

Infrastructure for project management and monitoring tasks and decisions - our company has been developing for several years a dynamic and innovative system for managing R & D activities in an enterprise. The system is designed for use by all levels and all sectors of the organization. The project is carried out in cooperation with ECI Telecom. The system is designed to replace the project with the leading project management software Vantive that has been used by ECI. Our software is going to be a shelf product that allows computerizing all the processes that take place in every institution, organization or enterprise, in Israel and abroad.

Organizational content sites and computerized systems for managing information and knowledge:
Israeli Building Center - Gate to - 10 portals, large and complex data archives that contain knowledge and dynamic message boards.

Israel Nature and Parks Authority - a knowledge site with information and content on preserving nature and reserves in the country. The site has parts for general public and educational institutions and parts for the authority's workers.

Negev Ceramics - an image site with a product catalog.

Medical centers, psychological workers and therapists - computing systems over the Web:
Elisha Medical Center - our platform is used in 7 medical centers of Elisha Hospital. Activities include all stages of customer care, setting appointments for consultation with doctors and advisors, setting appointments for treatment, medical files archive, treatment summaries, wage setting mechanisms, management and collection of payments, telemarketing, quotes, affidavits, medical transfer of patients from each other, transfer between doctors and patients, activity reports, accounting reports etc..
Therapy Solutions Inc. - We have been developing for a U.S. corporation a large web application which controls the medical activities in providing "medical" solutions for patients in "pain" using advanced treatments. The system performs an initial diagnosis via the Internet and provides a series of treatments depending on the types of pain level (after the patient was introduced by the company). The system provides all the needs for managing the medical centers across the U.S.

Mishpacha - A Computing Software for psychological services in public authorities, institutions and organizations and private entities.

Virtual stores and advanced trading arenas - Takticum - a unique system designed for large organizations and companies leading the economy, worker and his family. The system combines welfare enterprise portal, e-commerce website computerized database of thousands of businesses that provide billing discounts and coupons sailing class most attractive. Dyonon - one of the country's leading B2C selling books and office equipment (over 270,000 different items), Rothem Collection an advanced retail store selling jewelry and diamonds.

Public libraries - Our company has developed advanced software for managing archives and libraries, small and large. The software enabled two major libraries Givatayim municipality. Customized software is also to schools, academies wide range of national and international businesses. This software also run the library organization's internal network and the Internet.

Schools - Our company has developed a product which is a content portal page. The portal allows to store and display all the information and content transferred in schools (Management - Teachers - Students - Parents - community).

Image sites for high-tech companies and start-ups - Our company has established a wide range of image sites. Partial list: Rafael, Elbit, Israel Military Industries - Aviation Division, Azrom, ELOP, Alony Marble, Regba furniture, Dalton Winery, Zamir manpower, Y. Stern, Studio Rosinger, Space Logic, Arkal, Carmel Beach Towers, Wizlan - Catalog of products and services. And many various companies.

Travel Sites - Solo Italy - a content portal with a vast amount of information and knowledge about tourism to Italy.

Contribution to the community - the Umbrella Organization for the disabled in Israel the site utilizes the BuildaGate platform and is hosted on our server.


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