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New title addition

In the Title Leaves system you can catalog every item that appears in the library:
Books, Journals, CDs, DVDs, newspapers and more…

There are 2 ways for cataloging items:

 1. Quick cataloging – locate an item in the library or mahad database and than edit the item.
 2. Full cataloging – selecting the desirable item type and template, and Clicking “Enter” (without the name of the item) will open an empty template for editing.

You can also write the name of the item in the right place, this will open
a list of all the items in the database, that have the same name

Card main editing menu – each tab contains different fields. In order to make sure that you completed filling the data of the item you should go through all the tabs by clicking on the buttons in the upper main menu, fill in the data and than press submit to save the changes.
Full cataloging will open an empty card of the selected meterial type and template for editing


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